Windows 10 S & the Surface Laptop

Vernon and Aaron share their reactions, enthusiasm, and hesitations about Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop.

Microsoft May Event had a strong emphasis on Education and all the ways Microsoft was working to improve technology in the classroom by providing schools with inexpensive, secure tools that empower schools, teachers, and students to do more.

Primary Focus was on Windows 10 S And S stands for School edition? Secure edition? Store edition? Something for people to be confused and argue about edition? Try all of the above, because there’s definitely some confusion out there about what this thing is, but the one thing to know it’s NOT “limited” or “stripped down” or “watered down” in any way. In fact, it’s much more like Windows 10 Professional than Home.

Lots of questions about what this is trying to accomplish, so let’s talk about what this is really trying to address. K-12 running ChromeBooks and University students flocking to MacBooks, and Microsoft is drawing a line in the sand to say those options are yesterday’s news! Now you can get $200-300 systems that are well-featured but locked down for security and performance for the student experience. We discuss:

State of Educational Technology Google and Apple have taken over, and this is MSFT fighting back.

What this OS can do that addresses concerns of tech admins and teachers locked down to prevent malware and put the emphasis on the education tools.

Limitations. It ALWAYS comes down to apps. The number one goal here is to drive developers and users into the Windows Store for apps and content. Drive them into the store for apps, books, and other resources.

Here’s a great in-depth rundown of what we know and don’t know by Richard Hay (@WinObs) from the Windows Supersite

Also announced was Microsoft Surface Laptop, which is a flagship quality traditional laptop device that is touch+pen enabled, features high quality materials, and outstanding battery life.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Sizzle Video 

And of course, here’s the specs comparison with its direct competition, the MacBook series.

Vernon managed to get a very quick and low-quality video thrown together as he gets his hands on the new device.

We also talk about our concerns: No SD/microSD, no USB-C, and of course, price. But we admit that we can see a LOT of potential for this and similar types of devices running Windows 10 S outside of school.

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