Becoming Fluent in Fluent – Unboxing Project Neon

Microsoft Fluent Design System Images

After Microsoft reveals the official name of Project NEON, we discuss the specifics of how “Microsoft Fluent Design System” makes us feel. While we discuss our initial thoughts on Fluent, we also look at specific examples of it already seen in several core apps available on Windows 10 Insider Fast…

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Cerulean Moment, Continuum v. DeX, & Cleaning Up Duplicate Skype Contacts

Episode 082 gives us a chance to dig into the future of Continuum; especially since the WhartonBrooks Cerulean Moment has been officially announced. Aaron has a great tip for cleaning up duplicate contacts in Skype and Outlook. Vernon paints a picture of how the casual user could use their mobile in three years.…

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New Co-host Aaron Hall (@GoodThings2Life)

Vernon introduces the new co-host of the podcast, Aaron Hall, and the two set the pace for the new format of the show, along with catching up on what convinced Aaron to switch from his beloved Lumia. Tip of the Episode: Opening multiple instances of OneNote. The Mobile Minute: Aaron’s…

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