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Last week we had a poll which asked how many hands you tend to use while using your phone. We had some great responses, of which some were quite surprising. David and I ended up discussing in depth, so if you are interested, go back to last week’s episode at You can also see the poll results at … 

A special shout-out to Vernon’s brother, Pete, who recently discovered podcasts after years of badgering from his big brother. So far he has been listening to the Dave Ramsey Show, and maybe, just maybe, he will be listening to this episode on his Galaxy S4. He did recommend the app Podcast Addict, which can be found in the Google Play store. If you hear the show through your Android device, let us know which app you prefer! 

Another shout-out is in order to Robert Shurbet, also known as The Cheeky Taurus. As some of you know, I have been debating on which phone I would use to replace my wife Anna’s Lumia 920 that recently died. Robert was willing to part with a device of his for a very reasonable price, and my wife and I thank him for that. Thanks! 


Tip of the Episode 

Want to make a hands-free phone call to someone and put them on speaker phone? 

Disclaimer: I do NOT endorse phone use while driving.  

Steps: “Hey, Cortana.” –> “Call [name of contact], mobile, on speaker”



Two friends stab each other over iOS or Android argument.  



New features of Windows 10 Mobile leaked:  

  • Background transparency slider 
  • New accent colors: 48, up from 21 
  • Lumia Camera 5.5, allowing the fast-launching of the camera app, using a Lumia 1020! 
  • Developer features 
  • Call Screening and Contacts 
  • New app versions: 
    • OneNote 
    • Word 
    • Spartan 
    • Store 
  • Trust Center 
    • Personalize Office 
    • Enable locally relevant content 



 MS apps available in the Apple Watch?  


Microsoft Account App, which helps with two-factor authentication 

App Coming to Windows Phone 

Pocket Casts – 

Personal Picks 

Windows Phone app picks 

David: Modern Translate  

Vernon: Tweetium 

Music Picks 

David: The Hush Sound: “As You Cry” “We Intertwine” “Not Your Concern” “Wine Red” “Scavengers” 

Vernon: Andrew W.K. 


Podcast Picks:  

David: Zunited Podcast (retired, but tribute is needed) 

Vernon: Paterfamilias Podcast 

Twitter Tips 

How to get started with Twitter 

  1. Make an account & follow our tips from last episode 
  2. Use Twitter’s SEARCH feature to find people with similar interests 
    1. Hashtags 
    2. Bio content  
    3. Tweets  
  3. ENGAGING with users – follow, favorite, retweet 
  4. Respond to people  


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