MS Mobile Show – Episode 23 – Robert McLaws talks Android apps on Windows Mobile


Robert McLaws joins the show to talk about Project Astoria which is designed to help users install Android apps on their Windows Mobile devices. We also talk about the recent Here Maps purchase by BMW AG, Audi AG and Daimler AG.

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Vernon EL Smith & David V. Kimball



Robert McLaws is a Microsoft MVP for the .NET Framework along with a being a CEO of a commercial real estate startup called Advanced REI.

Connect with him on Twitter at @robertmclaws.


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  • Current poll question – Will the availability of Android apps on Windows Mobile help market share? – Vote here
  • Previous poll question – What Windows 10 upgrade method did you use? View results here


Tip of the Episode

How to use Internet Explorer in Windows 10


News Discussed

  • Microsoft
    • Lots of Xbox announcements. Preview members getting Win 10 builds in September with mouse & keyboard support
    • Nokia sells Here Maps
  • Google
    • You can set Cortana as the default digital assistant on many Android devices when using the latest beta



App coming to Windows Mobile

Everything on Android!


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