MS Mobile Show – Episode 21 – Windows 10 with Richard Hay





In this episode we are joined by Richard Hay to talk about his experience with Windows 10 and what he expects on the July 29th release day.

Gabe Aul & his team are constantly pushing updates out to the last full build that was released, with one security update released each day for the last few days.

Will Microsoft switching to pretty much mandatory, automatic updates be a good or bad decision? Time will tell, but you can hear our thoughts right here, right now.

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David V. Kimball & Kevin Harvell



Richard Hay from WinSuperSite & Windows Observer on the web and also host of the Observed Tech Podcast.

If you are not already doing so, make sure to follow Richard on Twitter at @WinObs.


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Topics Discussed

Much of the focus of this episode is on the upcoming release of Windows 10. Starting first with Insiders who have been testing the preview builds from day one, Insiders have seen Windows 10 grow & change as feedback was submitted & taken into consideration from the Windows team.

We also discuss some of the 950 & 950 XL Windows Mobile renders created over at Windows Central based on source information gathered by Daniel Rubino from his sources. Pretty sharp looking device, but what do you think?


App coming to Windows Mobile

  • Send – an instant messaging inspired email app from the Microsoft Garage Project currently available on iOS, but coming soon to Android and Windows Mobile


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  • Hey there! I didn’t expect to see a podcast about Windows 10 mention my HSP podcast, heh! Thanks so much for the mention; I’m glad your mom likes the show!! 🙂 🙂