MS Mobile Show – Episode 19 – Josh Martin





Josh Martin joins us to talk about Groove Music, podcasting and also about the much loved Zune!

We also talked about some social media practices along with branding.



Vernon EL Smith & David V. Kimball



Josh Martin – @JoshMNMartin


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News Stories mentioned

  • Microsoft says they will begin releasing approximately 6 Windows Mobile devices a year as a result of their recent $7.8 Billion writedown of the Nokia purchase
  • Office 2016 for Mac is now available
    • Universal Office apps for Windows 10 to be available July 29, 2015
  • Apple’s iOS 8.4 update hits 40% adoption rate in 7 days
    • Apple blocks downgrading to iOS 8.3 to help promote Apple Music
  • Google Maps can now send directions from desktop to Android devices
  • Google Now on Tap coming for Android M


Personal Picks

  • Music Picks
    • Josh – Skylar Spence
    • Vernon – GT & the Halo Express
    • David – Kontrust (song – “Hey DJ!” and new album “Explositive”


Twitter Tip

If you need to update a tweet, do not delete it and tweet it again. Reply to yourself and it will come up in the news feed and it will be linked to your original tweet. (Use “.” if you want it to be publicly displayed on your profile)



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