Kevin Harvell of The Tech Informist, Everything VR & AR, & the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network

As the podcast climbs out of the self-induced hiatus with episode 080, we bring back one of the original founders of the show, Kevin Harvell, of the Tech Informist, Everything VR & HR, and the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network. Kevin also led the beloved STL Tech Talk and Who’s Who In St. Lou podcasts.

Vernon and Kevin reminisce about the early days of the podcast, which was over two years ago already! We hear about what led Kevin to the place in which he was able to launch the MS Mobile Show, and then dig in to what he has now progressed to.

True to the new format of the podcast, we hear from Kevin on aspects of his life in which few listeners are aware, including raising a family, working in the racially polarized city of St. Louis, his many years in the automotive industry, and the stark contrast to what he is doing now.

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About VernonEL

Vernon E. L. Smith enjoys his work in food manufacturing safety and management. He finds the Microsoft ecosystem to be the best fit for his life, both professionally and personally. Gladly choosing to be an early adaptor of Window Phone 7 Series, he has grown in his passion for the platform as it has matured. Vernon is married with three children. In his meager spare time, he enjoys listening to podcasts, and improving his home renovation skills. He also hosts the MSPoweruser Podcast each week, and publishes video to YouTube as often as he can.

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