Episode 017: Joel Rushworth talks Lumia 640 XL, Latest Technical Preview, and Mobile in Canada





Microsoft Mobile MVP Joel Rushworth joins Vernon and Kevin as he fills in for David. The three dig deep into the latest Windows 10 Mobile technical preview version 10149, and debate whether or not you should install it on your daily driver. Two out of the three are using the brand-spankin’ new Lumia 640 XL, and they predict if it will be the next big seller for Windows Phone. Joel shares his expertise while enlightening us with his smart home experiments,  describes the smartphone and carrier model in Canada, and shares some great tips on how to use the coveted Microsoft services in The Great White North. The regular segments are covered as well, such as Tip of the Episode, last and this week’s polls, and the Twitter Tip. As always, personal app, music, and podcast picks are shared by the three.


Clifton Thomas sent us a pic via Twitter of him controlling the audio of the MS Mobile Show, by using his Asus ZenWatch running Android Wear.

Last Week’s Poll

Are you currently using the Windows 10 Mobile technical preview?

This Week’s Poll

Which would you rather have?

Surface Phone or Xbox Phone?

Tip of the Episode

Stack your O365 subscriptions.

Guest – Joel Rushworth

Home automation. SmartThings vs. Insteon   www.smarthomedb.com

The Canadian phone model versus the American one. Will My Phone Work?

5GB Plan BC= $103 / Sask = $63

How American’s have it so good, in regards to Microsoft services.

Joel’s Rogues Gallery of people he has helped get set up with Windows Phone: http://1drv.ms/1xaTxEj

TP 10149 – Standout features

Four columns for devices with larger displays

Better Action Center:



Short-press for toggle, long-press for settings.

Cellular Data toggle

Keyboard: Move the keyboard up and down on the device. Change keyboard size. Adjust cursor for right or left-handed usage.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Good solid device, good price, incredible value.

Hits that Sweet Spot for display size

Cuts corners: Display (barely), Lack of physical camera button, No wireless charging, Single SIM, No OIS, Snap 400, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB onboard storage.

Comes with GDR2: Better settings menu,



Word, Excel & Powerpoint apps available in the Play Store


App (feature) Coming to Windows Phone

Strawcast (a feature of Straw)


Personal Picks

Windows Phone app picks

  • Kevin:  Untappd
  • Vernon: Risk
  • Joel: (Extra Windows Phone Tips) Internet Sharing via paired BT. Get your comma back


Music Picks


Podcast Picks


Twitter Tip

Get a good desktop Twitter client.


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