Images of Cerulean Mobile’s planned VR Headset

Wharton Brooks  recently shared an overview of their business plan for Cerulean Mobile to the public. Within that document was mention of their original intention of launching 5 different Windows 10 Mobile devices; Each with a different type of user in mind.

Worth noting is the additional information that Greg Murphy shared with us on the MS Mobile Show on episode 083. He stated that the plans for the musician-focused device, codenamed the “Allegro”, include having several USB ports, and at least two audio input jacks. This concept is very intriguing, even if outside the mainstream. Of course, the Indigogo campaign for the Cerulean Moment needs to reach its goal first, too. Have you backed the project?

Cerulean Mobile’s HMD

Today we have images of a VR headset prototype that WhartonBrooks has planned for their mobile roadmap.

Top View Cerulean Mobile VR Headset

Headpiece appears to support the weight of the visor well.

Side View Cerulean Mobile VR Headset

Ample room for headphones should help reduce wearer fatigue.

Front View Cerulean Mobile VR Headset

On the front is what appears to be a camera, which would likely allow it to be used as a mixed reality headset as well.


While the look of the HMD (head-mounted-display) is clearly forward-leaning, it isn’t exactly what I envisioned when I learned there was a headset in WhartonBrooks’ plans.

It should be noted that Cerulean Mobile is still in the planning stages of working with this ODM, who is actually a well-known phone case company. I would be surprised if the headset isn’t also available with other handsets, which obviously could be running a different operating system than Windows 10 Mobile.

The headset looks much bulkier than most currently on the market. However, it does seems like it would be rather comfortable. The main goal of a VR headset is to help the user become immersed in the VR content. Because of that, the argument could be made that user comfort has greater value than external appearances. Still, an instinctual cringe was my reaction to these images. Perhaps I’m just an old fogey.


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