Greg Murphy details the Cerulean Moment by WhartonBrooks

We get a deeper insight into not only the Cerulean Moment, but a few new surprises from WhartonBrooks as well! Join us for episode 083 as Vernon and Aaron chat with Greg Murphy.

Diving into the interview, we discover all the details of how the Moment came to be and learn that the Moment isn’t the only phone model on the agenda!

01:01 – We start out with some getting to know you details about the man behind the dream and find out that he and Aaron have a similar past with Healthcare IT!

06:38 – All-time Favorite Windows Phone/Mobile device: It’s no surprise that a certain Lumia takes the crown here, but turns out there’s a special place in Greg Murphy’s heart for more than just one Lumia and a few non-Nokia phones as well.

09:24 – Why did you want to make a Windows Mobile device? They always say necessity is the mother of all invention, and this is one of those scenarios…

11:25 – What did you learn about the ODM industry? Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?

14:10 – Who is taking this journey with you? It takes a village to build a phone…

16:03 – iSkin – Rishi – VR headset in the works, going with the name Zyphyr

19:40 – Who did you want to make a phone for? The fans. It’s always about the fans! But turns out there may be room for more than one group of fans…

26:07 – How is this going to replace multiple computing devices? Continuum is a bridge to a more unified computing paradigm…

27:49 – Greg defends his use of the term “Disruptive” when describing Continuum.

30:13 – Does the Snapdragon 617 have enough power? In a word. Yes! But don’t just take our word for it, the proof is in the pudding! Check out Greg’s demo of the Moment running Continuum: My Cerulean Moment At Play

31:30 – Wired versus wireless

32:56 – What about the future of the Cerulean product line and your plans for Windows Mobile? What’s this?! More than one model is planned and might there be another surprise by way of some VR support?

“We have a slate of five phones that we want to bring to the market.

The CEO phone – The elegant masterpiece, where is does everything well, and looks good, too.

The Allegro – A music and musician phone, which has high-end audio capability for recording and playback. We thought it should have multiple inputs for multiple microphones, and multiple USB ports. It should be able to accept different types of peripherals and external storage.

The Mountain – a rugged phone for the outdoor adventurer type smartphone.

The Moment – Was originally planned to be a camera-centric phone, which would replace the 1020. We have some work yet to do there, but we have to start somewhere.

The Capsule – Compact without compromise (which Greg’s wife desperately wants).

We will be accepting input from the Windows Phone community regarding which phone they should pursue next.”

37:34 – Aaron shares his experiences of how he uses Continuum in both wired and wireless configurations.

40:33 – Vernon makes a case for the Cerulean Moment as a solid device for Windows Mobile enthusiasts.

43:17 – Greg discusses the after-the-purchase support set up for the Cerulean Mobile devices.

47:01 – Full specs of the Moment detailed.

57:23 Why did you need to choose Indigogo to crowdfund this device? This is an expensive endeavor and for it to work, the initial target is the masses that loved the more mass-appeal devices like the 640 and 830 class devices. Next up, if successful now, will be the “CEO” hero phone and the specialty phones.

1:00:15 – We can expect a separate funding campaign in Brazil, which may extend the end date of the current Indiegogo campaign.

1:02:07 – How long must Windows Phone fans wait to get in on this device? Act now– offer ends May 15th! Visit IndiGoGo to preorder! Seriously, just do it… buy one for a family member who needs a good budget phone and has simple needs, or buy one for yourself an Insider Builds tester, or buy it as a solid replacement for an aging device and help show MSFT how much this platform matters to us. You’re a WinPhan, right? Let’s keep the dream alive!


For news on the Cerulean phones, follow them on Twitter– @CeruleanMobile, @WhartonBrooks, email If you want to reach out to Greg directly you can find him at @mistagreg.


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