MS Mobile Show – Episode 65 – Sean Johnson aka The WinPhan




We are pleased to be joined by Sean “WinPhan” Johnson on this episode of the MS Mobile Show!¬†Both Sean and David V. Kimball have held the “WinPhan” title over the last few years, so it is a treat to have both of them on the same show at the same time.

We also are a little light in the show notes area this week, so we apologize for that. A lot of great discussion about some of the latest Windows Mobile device news along with talking about the fast pace of fast ring builds for both mobile and PC.






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Topics Discussed

  • T-Mobile currently selling the low-end Alcatel Fierce XL with Windows 10 Mobile for $140
  • Alcatel Idol 4 Pro was WiFi certified
  • Sean wants an HP Elite X3
  • AT&T surprisingly starts selling new Lumia 1520 devices for $500+ off contract
  • All of these Insider Builds
  • Double tap to wake starting to come back thanks to new firmware for 950 & 950XL
  • NuAns NEO Windows 10 Mobile Kickstarter




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