MS Mobile Show – Episode 54 – Back to your regularly scheduled programming




After our recent hiatus, both Vernon and David are back with an all new episode of the MS Mobile Show!

Have a listen to find out what the guys have been up to lately that has helped keep them from their regular recording schedule. A lot of new things have been happening.






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Tip of the Episode

How to roll back your devices and why you should sometimes.



App Returning to Windows Mobile

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Personal Picks

  • App Picks
    • Vernon – n/a
    • David – Money Fox
  • Music Picks
    • Vernon – Neil Diamond
    • David – Inori Aizaw – “Divided”
  • Podcast and/or other Picks
    • Vernon – Louder with Crowder
    • David – Sam’s Report



Life Hack of the Episode

Share your opinion in a manner in which you may actually be respected by those who share opposing opinions.




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