MS Mobile Show – Episode 41 – Start Perfect


On episode 41 of the MS Mobile Show we are discussing some of the most recent marketing campaign efforts by Microsoft to drum up interest in the Lumia 950/950XL phones and Continuum.

We also talk about what we feel it takes to come up with a near perfect Start Menu.

And of course, our app, music and podcast/entertainment picks of the week!






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We would love to continue the discussion between episodes in a central location, and since there is a pretty nice Slack app available on Windows Mobile, why not use this universal platform?

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Tip of the episode

How to keep your OneDrive storage



Personal Picks

  • App Picks
  • Music Picks
    • Vernon – Weezer
    • David – “Safe in LA” by Gold Motel
  • Podcast and/or other Picks



Twitter Tip

Do NOT set up automatic DMs for followers




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