MS Mobile Show – Episode 36 – OD Day

On this episode, Vernon and David talk about the OneDrive “festivities” that occurred the day after recording their last episode. Also where they think Microsoft should be focusing their marketing for Windows Mobile.

They also go into more detail about the current Office 365 Home giveaway and of course their weekly app, music and other picks of the week!

Watch out, David and Vernon also go into the weeds a bit on a rant which you will either love or hate.







Office 365 Home Giveaway

Thanks to a faithful listener, we have an Office 365 Home license available to giveaway!

All you need to do to enter is send in a screenshot of your Start screen before November 16th. We will then choose our favorite 4 submissions and then put them to a vote which will be completed in December.

So send those Start screen snapshots to us either via email which is, Twitter or Facebook.


Shout-out to the Surface Smith’s Podcast for recording a bumper for the opening of Episode 35.

Rick encourages us to complain even more about OneDrive than we originally planned to.



Poll Questions



Personal Picks



Twitter Tip

Do not tweet about politics or religion. Unless of course you are ready and willing to stand up for what you believe, which you should of course.




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