MS Mobile Show – Episode 27 – Finish your products


On this episode of the MS Mobile Show, Vernon & David discuss the frustration of companies seemingly willing to not remove the “Beta” label from their apps, programs or services.

Gmail was in Beta for what seemed like an eternity and now the official Instagram app for Windows Mobile has been in Beta for what seems like nearly 2 years even though it finally received a recent update.

Also this was the first trial at hosting our live experience over at, so we would love to hear what you think of it.

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Tip of the Episode

Check to see what quality your photos or videos are at in the camera settings



Main Topics Discussed

  • What do we want to see in a new Windows Mobile handset
    • David
      • Comfortable weight
      • Solid battery
      • Good display size
      • High powered for Continuum
      • Solid camera, fast performance and great front facing camera
      • 60fps 1080p front & rear cameras
    • Vernon
      • Wireless & turbo charging
      • Display that is easy on power requirements
      • Quality camera with OIS, PureView, physical camera button, decent front facing camera
      • IPS display in the 5 to 5.2″ range
      • Continuum hardware capable
  • Skype Messaging
  • Why do we celebrate Labor Day?
  • Google’s new logo



Personal Picks

  • App Picks
  • Music Picks
    • Vernon – Name That Tune – Blab
    • David – Xandria – Euphoria
  • Podcast Picks
    • Vernon – All About Windows Phone
    • David (game pick) – Super Smash Bros. Melee



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