MS Mobile Show – Episode 26 – Microsoft Ads





On this episode of the MS Mobile Show, an old friend of the show returns as JJ Hammond makes a rare appearance!

Also on this episode is Kevin Harvell who is filling in for the vacationing David and they join Vernon to talk about some classic Microsoft ads along with a slew of other topics.

Have a look at this interesting Surface video.






Tip of the Episode

Xbox Video (Vernon has finally used it on his recent conference trip)



Main Topics Discussed

  • Microsoft ads
  • Instagram allowing non square images
  • Brad Sams leaving NeoWin



This Versus That

16:9 compared to 4:3 photo & video aspect ratios

What is your preferred photo aspect ratio to share?

  • 16:9
  • 4:3
  • 1:1
  • Whatever the default is



App coming to Windows Mobile

6tag updated to handle new photo dimensions



Personal Picks

  • App Picks
    • Vernon – Kindle
    • Kevin – Audible
    • JJ – Urban Dictionary Ultimate
  • Music Picks
    • Vernon – Tenacious D
    • Kevin – Beatles Abbey Road album
    • JJ – Bring Me the Horizon
  • Podcast Picks
    • Vernon – Stuff You Missed from History Class
    • Kevin – Today in iOS
    • JJ – STL Tech Talk



Twitter Tip

If you are new to Twitter, have a look at our own David V. Kimballs book “Beyond Tweeting: Build Influence on Twitter”




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