Episode 16 – Richard Devine talks mobile PCs, Midrange Windows Phones and Taylor Swift





Vernon and David are joined by guest Richard Devine of Windows Central. Fresh off of E3, the three discuss the new Xbox features, the increasingly gray area of “mobile” computing, Microsoft’s apparent midrange Windows Phone strategy, and how Bing video search gets some major kudos from an unlikely source. They weigh in on last week’s and this week’s polls.  Invariably they stoop to discussing the drama surrounding Taylor Swift vs. Apple Music. To pull things back on track, they share the episodes Twitter Tip, and their personal app, music, and podcast picks.

Last Episode’s Poll

What type of mobile gaming do you prefer?

This Episode’s Poll

Are you using the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview?

Yes, on my daily driver.

Yes, on a secondary device.

No, I’m waiting for the official release.

No, I do not use Windows Phone/Mobile.

Tip of the Episode

Don’t have access to your mobile phone? Microsoft services are available on the web. You can access Microsoft office via Office Online, and all of your online documents on OneDrive.com

Guest – Richard Devine

Why is Windows Phone doing better in the UK than here in the US?

What kinds of people won’t be satisfied with the Lumia 640 XL?

Which direction are we heading with “Mobile Computing”? Larger, powerful, and more stationary, or lighter, efficient, and ultra portable?


Stephen Elop is leaving Microsoft.



Xbox One: Windows 10 core soon (vertical scrolling, not horizontal), Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, more Cortana-esque voice commands, elite controller, streaming to Windows 10 PCs

Chat, phone, and video app instead of Skype modern app in Win10?


iOS 9’s features: Marketing sounds oddly like a favorite note-taking service we use regularly.

T-Swift uses Twitter (and Tumblr) to call out Apple for not paying artists during people’s three-month music trial. She wins, Apple loses (or does it?)


YouTube Gaming launching soon. Likely a response to Twitch and similar services.

Bing Video search is so much better than Google’s, that The Verge actually acknowledged it.

App Recently Arrived to Windows Phone


Personal Picks

Windows Phone app picks

David: Pin.it app for Pinterest by Chris Zorn

Vernon: Metro Tube

Music Picks

David: Dj Cutman

Vernon: 1975

Richard: Xbox Music Playlists

Podcast Picks:

David: Observed Tech Podcast w/ Richard Hay

Vernon: Beyond the To-Do List, by Erik Fisher

Richard: Undisclosed

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  • Interesting views. Having started on this platform, sure low and mid end sell devices and that is important but you have to have flagship devices. Going from the 920 to 1520 was okay, going from the 1520 to a 640XL is a major disappointment, and the lack of a flagship really had me considering going to Android. Am I in the minority, probably so but Microsoft needs all aspects. This is no doubt country specific but carriers changed so we could upgrade quicker than every two years, as soon as they did we saw no annual flagship. Microsoft has gotten themselves behind the eight ball for sure but no flagship for this period of time only makes them look like a generic competitor.