Episode 13 – Windows 10 Availability

Microsoft has announced the availability date of Windows 10 for “sitdown” machines. Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview is getting much better, and shows great promise. Office for Mobile impresses. Twitter and Google frustrates. David divulges some amazing results from a Windows Phone Enthusiast Quiz that he created. Vernon expounds his experience using Windows 10 on his daily driver, the Lumia 830, for the past week. Personal apps, music, and podcast picks are shared. Hilarious chat-room banter distracts. Unintended listener bashing occurs. Fun is had by all.

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  • Darrell Prichard emailed us, so go to MSMobileShow.com/Tips to get the links that he shared with us!
  • Windows Phone Enthusiast Quiz results: dvdv.kim/1HN00IY
    • Taken 158 times, 106 completes (67% completion rate) Average Score: 67%
    • Easiest question: Lumia 2520 only ran Windows RT (True/False) 95% answered correctly
    • Hardest question: Which name was never associated with a Microsoft account sign in ID? Only 35% answered correctly.


Tip of the Episode

Accounts in W10MTP:

Going to “Accounts” in the current pre-release of Windows Mobile takes you to the Work or School, etc. To add in additional email addresses, one needs to go through the Outlook app.

W10MTP on a daily driver

UI is different, and slightly disappointing for long-time Windows Phone users, but the potential to be a great relevant user interface is very clearly there. Office, Store, and Music apps show great promise. Outlook and Calendar are less impressive, but will work very well on larger-screened devices.

Using this version on your daily driver is not out of the question, just be ready to spend time in the Feedback app, sharing your thoughts on it.



“Cityman” (940 XL), and “Talkman” (940), possibly using USB type-C, likely required to use Continuum for Mobile. Snap 810, 3GB RAM, 20, and 5 MP cameras. 32 GB storage, microSD support, 5.7″, 5.2″ 8core vs 6core, 3000 vs 3300 mAh.


The availability date of Windows 10 has been announced. July 29th, machines currently running Windows 7. 8. 8.1 will be able to install Windows 10 for free. The OS version will be preinstalled, similar to how Xbox games can be downloaded before they are officially available for use. OS requirements are simple, but some anomalies were noticed: For two-factor authentication, requires “use of a pin, biometric, or a phone with Wi-Fi or BT.”


Google I/O: No mention of Windows or Microsoft

Windows Phone App


Personal Picks

Windows Phone app picks:

  • David: Swarm
  • Vernon: “Files“, by Microsoft for Windows Phone/Mobile. This is different than the File Explorer that comes preinstalled. Files needs to be selected from the Store.

Music picks

Podcast picks:

Not so much a Twitter tip as a call to action. This “While You Were Away” business has to go!

If you see it on your timeline, please click the “X” and respond “No” if you find it frustrating or unhelpful. Or you can tweet “@feedback” and let Twitter know how you feel about it. Please be polite.


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About VernonEL

Vernon E. L. Smith enjoys his work in food manufacturing safety and management. He finds the Microsoft ecosystem to be the best fit for his life, both professionally and personally. Gladly choosing to be an early adaptor of Window Phone 7 Series, he has grown in his passion for the platform as it has matured. Vernon is married with three children. In his meager spare time, he enjoys listening to podcasts, and improving his home renovation skills. He also hosts the MSPoweruser Podcast each week, and publishes video to YouTube as often as he can.

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