Episode 12 – All about that drama





There just seems to be an awful lot of drama when it comes to things Microsoft is involved in here lately. So this episode is just that, all about that drama.

Now before you fire off some hateful emails or tweets, please hear me out.

First there was the issue with the UK broadcasting company essentially forcing Microsoft to re-brand SkyDrive into OneDrive, but that was not enough. Of course they want Microsoft to change Skype as well. Seriously?

Next, many people are surprised that Microsoft is switching from Windows Phone to Windows Mobile.

And to put the proverbial cherry on top, Snapchat Support on Twitter has Windows Mobile fans all excited that an official app MAY be on the way in the future. I would not hold your breath on that anytime soon, but I could be wrong.


Tip of the Episode 

Whether you are a Windows Phone user, iOS user, or Android user – BACKUP your content.

If your device breaks, or gets lost, etc. you’ll need a cloud solution for your content.

Windows Phone: OneDrive, iOS: iCloud, Android: Google Drive

Backup in general: Contacts, photos, videos

More specifically to Windows Phone: App list and settings, go into each app and look for a “backup to OneDrive” option. Identify each app that can’t be backed up, take screenshots or use other methods to back that up. Lots of content, like those from social sites, does not need to be backed up.

Quick and easy way to find locally-stored content: Files app on Windows Phone.







App Coming to Windows Mobile


Picks of the Week

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Music Picks


Podcast Picks

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  • Vernon – Observed Tech Podcast by Richard Hay
  • Kevin – WordPress Weekly


Twitter Tip for the Week

If you begin your tweet with an @-mention, put something like a “.” in front of it or else Twitter will treat your tweet as a reply and it won’t be seen by the vast majority of your followers.


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