Cerulean Moment, Continuum v. DeX, & Cleaning Up Duplicate Skype Contacts

Episode 082 gives us a chance to dig into the future of Continuum; especially since the WhartonBrooks Cerulean Moment has been officially announced. Aaron has a great tip for cleaning up duplicate contacts in Skype and Outlook. Vernon paints a picture of how the casual user could use their mobile in three years.

1:45 Tip of the Episode: Aaron shares how to clean up contact duplication after the Skype Preview messes them up.

1) Make sure you turn off SMS Relay for now.

2) Go to Skype app and under Skype Contacts, remove anyone that isn’t an actual Skype contact.

3) Next up, go to Outlook.com on the web (app is not sufficient). Empty Deleted Items.

4) Go to People on the web and go to the actual Contacts list … Perform clean up there. Actually, here’s a better tip… this is actually easier on the phone through People app. Enter Select mode and select all the contacts you can find on the web that are duplicate… When you choose the Delete option on phone, it will prompt you for confirmation… UNCHECK the version you want to keep and leave the rest selected… press Delete, and voila– nice and tidy.

5) Go back on web and empty Deleted Items again (if you look in there, you’ll see that when you delete contacts from ANYWHERE now, it leaves them in Deleted Items. Once emptied, you can verify your results on the People portion of Outlook Web.


8:42 The Mobile Minute: WhartonBrooks’ Cerulean Mobile announces their Cerulean Moment. Visit IndiGoGo to preorder!

Also, Vernon recently posted an editorial, making the case for “Why You Should Back the Cerulean Moment”

16:14 Top News: Vernon and Aaron discuss why Continuum will be the killer app of the future, especially for regular consumers.

26:57 Samsung’s DeX is nothing like Continuum, according to Steve Litchfield on AAWP Insight Podcast.

37:10 Win of the Week

42:13 Deal O’ The Day: Rent any of 7 of the X-Men movies for 1000 Bing Rewards points.

45:05 Insider Feedback Item: Contacts Linking and/or Missing

Thanks to @carlomendoza for the great suggestion for Windows Insider feedback to discuss!

48:46 Personal Media Picks:

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White & Nerdy – Weird Al Yankovic

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change – Stephen R. Covey (Amazon Affiliate link)

Doctor Who Series 10

Manager Tools

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