Becoming Fluent in Fluent – Unboxing Project Neon

After Microsoft reveals the official name of Project NEON, we discuss the specifics of how “Microsoft Fluent Design System” makes us feel. While we discuss our initial thoughts on Fluent, we also look at specific examples of it already seen in several core apps available on Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring.

02:27 Tip of the Episode

OneNote Mobile has now got a ton of new features, and one of which is the ability to use multiple windows (shift click on the launch icon in taskbar or Start Menu), and also the ability to manage page versions. This follows up on previous comments about how we want to see Office Mobile get multiple document support. Word Mobile in the Store Excel Mobile in the Store PowerPoint Mobile in the Store OneNote Mobile in the Store

14:03 The Mobile Minute

A quick follow up on our discussion about Windows 10 S. BIG apps are coming to the Store! Adobe Creative Cloud, iTunes, WhatsApp, Spotify, and let’s hope this is the beginning!

16:00 Fluent Design Language: This gets a little ranty.

25:21 Grab your Windows 10 device running Fast Ring and follow along as Aaron walks us through good and bad examples of Fluent design. Groove, Movies and TV, and Voice Recorder.

38:12 Insider Feedback Item

Every week, we like to pick a feedback item to highlight that we think represents what the Insider program is all about. Whether it’s an obscure bug that needs addressed or a feature request for something awesome, we want to get some eyes on it and help boost those upvotes!  Add Push Notifications for Package Tracking!

Personal Media Picks

39:53 App — Grapholite – This is a nice alternative to Microsoft Visio and can even view/edit Visio files

41:44 Music: Ready, Aim, Rock playlist, Guardians of the Galaxy, Sweating to the 90s

43:24 Book: Canon EOS Rebel T6i The Expanded Guide

44:56 Podcast – YouTube Channel Tony and Chelsea Northrup and podcast “Picture This”

46:17 Movie Pick: Guardians of the Galaxy

48:07 Vernon’s personal YouTube channel Why Porter Needed Stitches

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