Aaron Hall

Hello! I'm Aaron Hall, aka GoodThings2Life. I earned his nickname working at General Electric in the late 90s, and I've held on to the name and used it universally ever since. I'm an IT guy with a career running 20 years now, and I specialize in Microsoft technologies as well as other business infrastructure hardware like Cisco networking, EMC storage, and VMware. My views on technology are based on a notion of minimalism. Although I'm impressed by all the wonderful things we can do with technology, I tend to pick and choose the things that really provide value to my life and not just gimmicky toys. As such, I'm not a huge "app guy" nor do I own a LOT of hardware at any given time. Currently, I'm a full time user of a Dell Latitude E7350 (at work), a Surface Book (at home), and an HP Elite x3 as my daily driver for phones. I also currently own a Lumia 650 as a "play/testing" device for Windows, and I also own a Nexus 5X that I keep around for the rare app need and to keep up with Microsoft apps and services on Android… both of these phones mostly sit on my desk collecting dust until I need them. My next planned purchases will be some combination of the next-gen Surface Pro (prefer Pro style over Book), and the next big "Windows Mobile" device… whether that's a Surface Phone or the next HP Elite device. There's also a possibility that I may dump a traditional PC and go exclusively "Windows 10 on ARM" for that next device if that comes to be something really amazing.

Microsoft responded to 7 complaints I had with Skype SMS Relay

As listeners know from Episode 82, I discussed my dissatisfaction with the Skype for Windows 10 universal preview app… particularly around SMS Relay and the terrible contacts handling that results in contacts duplication. Around the same time, I posted quite a few comments on Twitter about the topic as well…

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