The MS Mobile Show is a podcast that helps you get the most out of the Microsoft services you use on all your mobile devices.

Providing weekly shows around one hour in length, the MS Mobile Show is hosted by mobile enthusiasts with a clear Windows Mobile bias, and have regular guests known to the Microsoft enthusiast community. Episodes contain tips for using your mobile Microsoft, Google, or Apple device. Cross-platform apps are discussed, along with mobile web services that Microsoft provides. Frequent guests share their expert opinions, but also reveal aspects of their life which are not known to many in the community.  The participants share their weekly choices for apps, music, and podcasts.

Hosted by Vernon E. L. Smith and Aaron M. Hall, with back-end help from Gage T. Castillo. They all enjoy using Twitter, so feel free to connect with then there if you’d like! @VernonEL, @GoodThings2Life, and @GageCastillo

Watch/listen to the Origin Story here!