MS Mobile Show – Episode 6 – OneNote

Tip of the Episode


OneNote -> Notebooks -> Sections -> Pages

Can change background chrome to resemble a three-ring binder. Especially useful for handwriting because of the lines.

Big difference between OneNote and Word, it that is designed for unfinished work.

  • Basically a huge virtual whiteboard, that doesn’t lose its data when “erased”.
  • There is no enforced uniform page layout or structure.
  • Most common on laptops or desktops, but tablets becoming more popular, basically adding in environments where pen, audio, or video notes are more appropriate than an intensive use of keyboard.

Search all the things!

  • Words
  • Pictures (including words in pictures)
  • Screencaps
  • Handwriting (“electronic ink”)
  • Web links
  • Document scans (ie: PDFs) because of OCR
  • Audio

Sync everywhere – Multiple users can edit shared documents at the same time, whether they are online at the time or not. If there are version sync issues, the merging is very easy.

Tip: If you know several users are in the document at the same time, take a moment to ensure that you are on the latest version before editing.

Recent OneNote API helped add in a few new features, including:

  • OneNote Clipper – Can send (“clip”) either the whole page, including the screenshot, or just the article text.
  • Email to OneNote – Great feature, but we already had this on Windows Mobile. Glad to see it come back!
  • Office Lens – App for Windows Phone, which helps take images from the camera, and convert them to more-usable editable notes.

Windows Phone

Absolutely great! Not too many features to clutter it up. Very smooth app and integration.

Windows Universal

Very good for touch, but still has plenty of features.



Good, but is tougher on a small-screen device.


Free. Can’t beat free!


Really love the formatting shortcuts.


Very similar to OneNote for Windows.


Should be the way that you all try it out. Great tool for students. Nearly all of the functionality of the PC (desktop) version. Doesn’t quite have the “solid” feel that we like with the desktop version.


App Coming to Windows Phone

Telescope for Periscope, by Daniel Gary

Windows Phone app picks

JJ: Duck Tales

Vernon: Super_Mario

Music Picks

JJ: Holly Wood Undead good and bad songs

Vernon: Tool  –  Not available on the Xbox Music store, but is available through OneDrive, through at least two different routes. 😉

Podcast Picks:

JJ: True Story

Vernon: The Dane and the Pain – Lars Klint, and our Twitter contest winner, Joel Jackson


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