MS Mobile Show – Episode 5 – OneDrive

Hello and welcome to Episode 5 of the MS Mobile Show!

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In this episode, Kevin Harvell (@KevinHarvell) from The Tech Informist podcast steps out from behind the MS Mobile Show curtain to guest host for Vernon as he was unable to join us.

JJ & Kevin spend much of the show discussing OneDrive & what are some of their likes & dislikes of the service along with their experiences using the service on multiple platforms such as Mac, iOS & Android as well as the various versions of Windows.

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Tip of the Episode

OneDrive & what sort of experience you can expect on the various platforms it is available on like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Phone and of course, PC.



  • Next build of Windows 10 for phones is expected soon for nearly every Lumia still in use today. We recommend to not install it on your daily driver, but if you do, be aware of potential bugs. Also we recommend you do a factory reset after finishing the upgrade install
  • Market share of Windows Phone is holding steady
  • Microsoft is renegotiating the search deal with Yahoo. This is a big deal for people using Yahoo search or Bing search because having gone to a presentation on this subject Microsoft in its marketing offers combined Yahoo and Bing searches to sell as advertising.
  • Outlook app for iOS gets a nice update


App Picks

  • JJ – Dungeon Hunter 5
  • Kevin – Jetpack Joyride

Music Picks

  • JJ – Third Eye Blind (self titled album)


Podcast Picks

  • JJ – Upvoted a Reddit Podcast
  • Kevin – Social Strategy Podcast by Vernon Ross

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About Kevin Harvell

Co-host of The Tech Informist Show & STLTechTalk Podcast along with being the content & client relations manager for STLTechTalk LLC.

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