MS Mobile Show – Episode 3 – Windows Central Invasion



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Tip of the Episode

Skype on all platforms

  • Video, of course. Skype is still the best VoIP service.
  • Messaging works well. May not have the stickers that Facebook does, but the benefit is that you will not have to use Facebook.
  • Works well on desktop. “Metro” app needs some work.
  • No real “web” interface yet, like GroupMe, but integration into and Office Online works well, without too many bells and whistles.


For this episode, we were honored with contributions by Daniel Rubino and Richard Devine, both of Windows Central fame. The four of us discussed many things Microsoft, but not nearly as much as we would have liked. Daniel and Richard have so much great insight, we could have chatted about Microsoft Mobile for hours. Here are some of the things that we discussed:

  • Overall take-aways from Mobile World Congress
  • Where the Lumia 640 and 640 XL fit into the long-term device plan for Microsoft
  • How the Microsoft Band might be welcomed in the markets outside the US
  • Why a non-tech-enthusiast may want to choose the Band
  • What can be expected from a “Hero” device running Windows 10 for phone, and why it isn’t already available
  • Mobile payments on Windows devices, such as PayPal, as they could and should compete with Apple and Android Pay
  • Why Cortana everywhere changes the game
  • What is means to use the Spartan Browser and have Cortana everywhere
  • Despite the Apple TV has dropping in price to $69.99, why Microsoft may not want to dive into owning the living room with a direct competitor

Windows Phone app picks

JJ: Darklings

Vernon: ADP Mobile Solutions

Richard: Wallet Pass

Daniel: Fedora Reader

Xbox Music Picks

JJ: Breaking Benjamin

Vernon: Led Zeppelin

Podcast Picks

JJ: Windows Developer Show with Ryan Lowdermilk and Travis Lowdermilk

Vernon: The Tekbeard podcast, with Adam Doud, Clifton Thomas, and Ryan St. Andrie

Daniel: Joe Rogan Experience, with Joe Rogan


We were glad to have had Daniel and Richard share their thoughts and opinions, and we appreciate all that they do to inform Microsoft fans of the ongoing and developing stories that affect us all. You can find Richard and Daniel on, or on Twitter, where they can be reached at @ricker666, and @Daniel_Rubino.

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Stay mobile!

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Vernon E. L. Smith enjoys his work in food manufacturing safety and management. He finds the Microsoft ecosystem to be the best fit for his life, both professionally and personally. Gladly choosing to be an early adaptor of Window Phone 7 Series, he has grown in his passion for the platform as it has matured. Vernon is married with three children. In his meager spare time, he enjoys listening to podcasts, and improving his home renovation skills. He also hosts the MSPoweruser Podcast each week, and publishes video to YouTube as often as he can.

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